How to help your child thrive socially and emotionally

Join our early-years expert Bridgit Williams in our upcoming webinar

May 11th at 7.30 PM

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Social competence is the ability to engage productively with others, in a way that meets our needs but also the needs of others. Children are not born with these skills they learn to act in socially competent ways by observing adults, through experiencing clear, consistent expectations and boundaries, through being exposed to a range of social situations and through their play.

Just as children are learning parents of young children are learning, to be parents.

In this webinar, social competence will be explained and we will share practical advice for fostering your child's social well as explore how parents can help their children develop these skills.

Whether you're a new parent or an experienced caregiver, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical tools for raising your child to thrive in a social environment. 

You'll learn how to support your child's social development and help them build the skills they need to succeed in school, in their relationships, and in life.

Join us and learn how to help your child thrive socially and emotionally!

Meet our speaker

Bridgit Williams

MProfStud(Ed); BA (Ed); DipTchgECE; PGDip Montessori

Bridgit is a mother, early childhood teacher and professional learning facilitator. She completed her Masters degree in 2015 with a focus on induction and mentoring of ECE teachers. Her professional interests include effective leadership and communication, inclusive teaching practice, intentional teaching and implementing authentic curriculum.
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Anna James

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Kevin Walker

Here is what we will cover in this webinar

Build understanding

Help you to better understand the importance of social competence for your child's development.

Learn how

Identify how you can support children to behave in socially competent ways.

Think differently

Challenge you to think of children’s behaviour as learning.

Ask our expert

Give you the opportunity to ask questions.